LED Ninebot Segway

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Brand XIAOMI Ninebot Segway Drift W1
Size(single wheel) 11.5" x 6" x 5"/ 29 x 16 x 12cm
Net Weight(single wheel) 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg)
Load Bearing 10-100kg
Applicable Age 6+
Applicable Terrain Hard Flat Surface
Speed ≤12km/h
Riding Time 45min (Depends on riding style and terrain)
Charging Time 3h
Permissible Gradient  Approx. 10° (Depends on your weight)
Max Load 100kg
Rated Voltage 22.2V
Charging Voltage ≤25.2V
Rated Capacity 44.4Wh
Input Voltage 100-240V
Output Voltage  25±0.2
Output Current  1.5A
Output Power 37.5W
Smart BMS Overvoltage/ Undervoltage/ Overcurrent/ Short Circuit/ Overheat Protection
Single Wheel Torque ≤6Nm
Max Speed 24km/h
Reverse Speed 3km/h
Cruising Distance 15km
Operate Temperature -10-40℃
Storage Temperature -20-50℃
Allowed Charging Temperature 0-40℃
Waterproof IP54

The rubber bumpers at the front and rear protect the body.
Elastic bands at the bottom allow you to easily carry one pair in one hand.

Package includes: 
1 pair x 
Ninebot Segway Drift W1