LED Wireless Music Doorbell

$19.99 $29.99
Wireless and easy installation.
High-frequency vibration,  penetrating ability, up to 70-110 meters remote control in the open air. 36 music ringtones optional, while the music is on, the LED flashes simultaneously. Perfect for big and high floor houses, offices, factories, hotels, etc.
Transmitter powered by 1× 23 A 12 V battery (NOT included) and the Receiver powered by 2 × AAA batteries (Not included).
After the batteries are installed, turn the receiver switch to the selection position  press for a ringtone, if you want music, the switch to the sound position (music symbol). 
1. Do not be close to metal objects, avoid Metal magnetic field affect the doorbell results.
2. Do not place the doorbell in the sun and rain.